Social Stans Policy for Appropriate Content

Socials Stans does not endorse and will not promote brands or messages that have to do with sensitive topics that are meant to exist in direct opposition to another party. This means we will not promote any content that is meant to slander, hurt, discriminate, or make any other entity look badly. If you are unsure of the nature of your brand, please contact us prior to selecting a plan.

We do however, work with brands that are pushing a personal agenda (for example political marketing, music artists promoting themselves, etc), so long as the message they are spreading is not intended to cause harm (of any kind) to another person, brand, or other.

Social Stans Policy for Stan Content

We take great care in vetting and educating our Stans on how to appropriately make posts, but acknowledge that due to the nature of social media, there may be different ways to say the same thing. If a post is made that does not meet the requirements of the brand order, we may provide written warnings of adjustment, leading up to account suspension.

If a Stan order is not executed correctly per the clients request, please contact us and we will investigate further. Please understand that due to the nature of social media exposure, we do not offer refunds. In certain circumstances, we may offer credit towards future Stan posts.